Why Python is so Important?

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The importance of python

1. Python is especially useful when reporting to the leader on the operation of the network and maintaining the security and stability of the network. Because the daily report, weekly report, monthly report, and indicator templates are all the same, and the source of the obtained data is basically fixed. Then you can write a script, use telnet, ssh, snmp or even database module, scrapy crawler, selenium automatic test framework and other different ways to obtain data from various systems and devices, and then operate the spreadsheet through the excel module and use the matplotlib module to generate charts. You only need to write documents based on the data. If you don't need to submit complicated documents, then even writing reports is automated, and finally you can send mail using SMTP.

2. It is more convenient to solve the problems of various ledger accounts such as equipment ledger, configuration information ledger. For small companies, one or two network engineers can solve these problems. But the same task for large company network teams is very heavy. The head office has a general ledger, and the following branches have their own ledger, which is generally an excel form. Everyone maintains their own account, if they can’t share and update the data in time, it will mess up over time. Buying a set of business management software depends on the budget and the suitability of the company. The company’ s network engineers can use the Django framework to develop a management system, and all the functions you want can be achieved. It is not difficult to develop and it is very efficient. At the same time, after all, concurrency and performance can be ignored within the team. If you feel that the web page is not good enough, you can learn the Javascript framework Vue, and the supporting UI framework elementUI, it is very easy to get started.

3. Using Python can improve on-site operation and maintenance efficiency. It is common for network problems to occur at different locations and at different times in enterprise parks. Script the commonly used diagnostic tools and repair methods, and the commonly used configuration commands of the switch, and then use Django to encapsulate it as a mobile terminal web or WeChat applet. Going out of operation and maintenance, you can easily get it with your mobile phone. If the operation of the web is simpler, it is no problem to let the user do it directly.

4. Using Python is more conducive to the management team. Summarize daily work experience, troubleshooting methods, make wiki. It can be made by using Django as an internal blog style, share experience within the team. Those that can be made into scripts are automatically executed, try to make them as possible. Use Django or Flask to package for the web, and accumulate. With continuous maintenance and update, it becomes a set of operation and maintenance tools. The operation of each function of the webpage is as simple as possible, and the addition of a mobile phone terminal can improve daily work efficiency, make it easier to manage the team, and improve the company's efficiency.

5. Make a comprehensive alarm platform to reduce the workload. With so many logs of network devices, plus the monitoring platform and security protection platform, there are still a lot of reports to deal with every day. Due to limited energy, the log is filtered and analyzed by regular expression, and various alarms of monitoring and security platform are collected. It can be made into e-mail or websocket to make a web page, or a PC background process that can pop up window, and make SMS or wechat notification directly if possible. Make an intelligent judgment and push different alarms to different colleagues in the team. You don't have to log in to those systems and platforms every day.

Ways to practice Python

1. Start with Excel, xlwings and other modules. Think about the Excel data that you handle daily, especially those that are repeated regularly, and try to write scripts in Python for automatic processing. Excel module, whether Perl or Python, is one of the most clear and simple modules in the program library. However, the operation of Excel also has certain complexity. It will use the data structure of array (list), dictionary (hash) and other complex points, which is conducive to mastering the basic variables.

2. As a network engineer, the most basic telnet and ssh modules are required. The current simulation software also has a certain integration of python scripts, and converts those configuration command lines into scripts for automatic execution. After proficiency, you can try to encapsulate a series of actions into classes and methods, which is helpful to understand and exercise object-oriented programming.

3. To do a database, it is easy to install such as mysql and sqlite. You can try to convert the excel file or work account in your hand into a database, use python to operate, and be familiar with the database module interface.

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