Which tracks does Huawei HCIE certification have?

Huawei certification has many tracks. And it is important for people to choose the proper one for themselves in accordance with different preferences. Facing many tracks, many people may ask, “Which one I choose can be better? Which track for HCIE training can be more popular? Let’s see the specific tracks of HCIE, which includes the Big Data, Enterprise Communication, Cloud Computing, Storage, Routing and Switching, Security and Transmission.

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Which one should we learn and which one is more popular change with the market demand. At present, in the field of Internet, learning track can be more popular with the talent type of market demand. Actually, the one who has a same major with the job prospect might be much better.

Date back to 2,000 years, at that time, when the Internet of China started to develop, the internet technology of Routing and Switching gained a popularity in the market. Actually, now this track is also a popular one. Huawei can make an adjustment towards every field in accordance with the development of Internet, in order to make it suitable for the Internet market. Nowadays, the certification of Routing and Switching has upgraded into 3.0 version.

To adapt to the Internet technology development for matching the Data Communication talents, the HCIE-Routing and Switching does largely optimize and promote the 3.0 version based on 2.0 version. It mainly adds the related technology themes of SDN and greatly increases the IPV6 internet technology. Meanwhile, it also reduces many out of date Internet technologies, which are not commonly used, such as RIP and FR and so on. The experiment framework also does a great change that it matches with internet application and scene. This can not only make owners, of HCIE-Routing and Switching certification, possess much more practical internet technologies, but also be much more suitable for the development of internet technology.

Through the Huawei systematic learning guidance towards the certification of HCIE-Routing and Switching, learners will figure out and absorb the related technologies in many fields, including the L2 and L3 internet technique, IPV4 and IPV6 networking protocol, Routing Controlling technique, MPLS and MPLS L3 VPN technology, multicast technique, internet safety technique, QOS technique, SDN technique, internet management and internet performance optimization technique.

Apart from the Routing and Switching, the security is also a popular one. With the development of Internet, people pay more attention to the security of Internet information transmission. In the era of Big Data, people also focus on the internet information security. When mentioning to the big data, it’s also a great choice.

Before the Internet comes into the Cloud Computing, many people may also choose to be a certificated Internet engineer in Cloud Computing.

At present, AI, Internet of Things, and 5G, as a new certification track with few competitions, tend to gain the development in the future, which can be regarded as a greater choice. Although the certification towards these tracks mainly focuses on HCIA and HCIP, people still try to learn from them.

Above of all can be a reference for you, so you should make a choice in accordance with your personal situation!

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