What is CISM?

Certified Information Security Manager is an advanced certification about information security. This certification is aimed at personnel engaged in information security work in technical departments (including standardization departments) related to the construction, operation and application management of information system in information security enterprises, information security consulting service institutions, information security evaluation and certification institutions (including authorized evaluation institutions), social organizations, organizations, colleges and universities, enterprises and institutions. Obtaining this registration qualification indicates that individual has the qualification and ability required to develop and manage an enterprise information security program.

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CISM is unique in the information security certification market because it is designed for people with experience in information security project management. Since 2002, more than 33,000 management elites have received CISM, including more than 600 CEOs, more than 2,000 CIOs or CISOs, more than 8,000 security directors or security managers, and 2,000 consultants.

CISM is different from other information security certification in that its experience requires to focus on the execution of information security manager management. Other information security certification focuses on specific technology, operation platform or product information, or for the initial year of information security work. Only CISM for information security managers, the focus is no longer individual technology or skills, but to the entire enterprise information security management. CISM is aimed at individual managers who manage and supervise the information security of enterprises. Many of them may already have relevant certification in other fields. Because it focuses on the needs of management, work experience is relatively important, so CISM requires at least five years of information security management experience, and the content of the examination is also focused on the daily work of information security managers.

Advantages of CISM

1. Because most examinees want to be part of the elite group. Being a CISM can take you into a position, and most of IT professionals want to be part of it. Not all IT professionals belong to this field, so getting CISM certificate will be recognized by more people and help you to be outstanding in workplace.

2. As a part of CISM, you will be considered as an information security expert and someone with experience in information security projects. This means it can help you develop better in the workplace. With this, you will be valued by more people.

3. As a CISM, you will benefit from three important aspects: creating value for the enterprise, continuous education and career development. You can also learn more knowledge about information security through preparing the exam of CISM.

4. As an expert in information security, you can demonstrate your understanding of the relationship between business objectives and information security plans. In addition, you will be able to reconcile and drive business success.

Value of CISM

· Common standards jointly developed by the world's top 500 companies

· Ranked among the top IT positions with the highest average salary

· The best way from safety technology to safety management

· 32000+ people worldwide have obtained CISM certification

Use of CISM in the workplace

• More than 8,600 CISM certificate holders have served as security directors, managers, consultants and related positions

• More than 3,500 CISM holders held IT directors, managers, consultants and related positions

• More than 3,200 CISM holders are engaged in management, consulting or related occupations in IT operations department or compliance department

• More than 2,500 CISM holders have served as audit directors, managers, consultants and related positions

• More than 2,500 CISM holders served as chief information officer, chief information security officer, or compliance, risk and other department leaders

• More than 700 people are CEOs, CFOs or other leaders of the same level

• More than 200 people have served as chief auditors, audit partners or audit department leaders

Difference between CISM and other certifications

CISM is different from other information security certifications because of its experience requirements and implementation focused on the work of information security managers. Other information security certifications focus on specific technologies, operating platforms, or product information, or the previous few years of work on information security. Only CISM is aimed at information security managers. The focus is no longer on individual technologies or skills, but on information security management that is transferred to the entire enterprise. CISM is aimed at individuals who manage and supervise corporate information security. Many people may already hold relevant certifications in other fields.

Institution that offers CISM

CISM is offered by ISACA International Information Systems Audit Association, which is a nonprofit, independent association that advocates for professionals involved in information security, assurance, risk management and governance. International Information Systems Audit Association (ISACA) provides global professionals with innovative, world-class knowledge, standards, communities, certifications and professional development to help IT practitioners lead and adapt to the digital world and build their confidence.

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