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Updated: Jan 10

For a few years now Certifications have been the stepping stone for anyone looking to grow in their current job role. So, we’ve collected some of the top certifications you should be looking out for in 2021 to grow in your career.

We will be covering a particular industry. And the best certifications for you and the salary you can look forward to.

Top 10 IT Certifications For 2021

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1) AI & Machine Learning

AI is the intelligence demonstrated by machine. And machine learning refers to the study of computer algorithms that enables systems to learn based on experience. Some of the certification you can pick up are,

  • Machine learning AI certification by Stanford offered by Coursera.

This course includes

  • Introducing machine learning.

  • Data mining.

  • Statistical pattern recognition.

  • The best practices in machine learning & more.

You can also take up an Artificial Intelligence A-Z certification by Udemy. This certification combines the concepts of

  • Data Science

  • Machine learning &

  • Deep learning to create powerful real-life applications.

An AI engineer can earn up to $1,50,000 per annum in the US and close to 20,00,000 rupees in India with the right certifications.

And that’s our Top 10 Certifications to take up in 2021. With that, we have reached the end of this article. Do you agree with our list? Have we missed anything important?

Feel free to let us know in the comments section.

2) Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing uses the internet and other digital technology to advertise a brand’s products and services. Considering the current scenario it is one that has seen a tremendous amount of growth, let’s have a look at some of the certifications you can pick up.

  • Google Analytics IQ certification

This certification covers analytics concepts like

  • How to monitor KPIs and much more.

A digital marketing manager can earn up to $1,12,000 per annum in the US and up to 16,00,000 rupees per annum in India with the right certification.

3) Data Science

It is a field that combines scientific methods, algorithms, and systems to extract knowledge and insights from structured and unstructured data. Here are some of the best certifications for you.

  • First, we have IBM’s Data Science Professional Certification.

Powered by IBM, this certification can help you get started with mastering

  • Data Science

  • Python

  • SQL

  • Analyze and Visualize data

  • Build Machine Learning tools and so much more.

Another certification you can pick up is the HarvardX Data Science Professional Certificate.

It will cover topics like

  • R Programming

  • Data Visualization

  • Important Data Science tools

  • Machine Learning Algorithms

  • Concepts like probability

  • Inference and so much more.

By choosing the right certification a data scientist can earn up to 1,54,000$ per annum in the united states and 18,00,000 per annum in India.

4) Cyber Security

Cybersecurity is the process of defending an electronic system and other forms of electronic technology to protect it from illicit attacks. You can take up the following certifications,

  • CISSP | Certified Information System Security Professional Certification

Show off your ability to

Getting certified also validates your expertise and gives you access to

  • Exclusive resources

  • Tools &

  • Other opportunities.

You can also pick the Certified Ethical Hacker Certification. It shows off your ethical hacking skills and it’s 5 phases. Like

  • Reconnaissance

  • Enumeration

  • Gaining Access

  • Maintaining Access &

  • Covering tracks.

With the right certifications, a cybersecurity engineer can earn up to $1,50,000 per annum in the United States and close to 16,00,000 rupees per annum in India.

5) Cloud Computing

It is the process of delivering computing services with a number of services over the internet, and usually, pay as you go basis. Some of the popular cloud computing certifications you can pick up are:

  • The AWS Certified Solution Architect Associate certification

This certification will showcase your ability to

To use the appropriate architectural science and much more you can also take up the

which is ideal for people who want to manage cloud services that cover:

A cloud computing Engineer can earn up to $1,63,000 per annum in the United States and earn close to 14,00,000 rupees per annum in India with the right certifications.

6) Big Data

Big Data is a field that enables you to analyze, extract, and deal with large complex data sense. The popular certification you can take up are:

The associate certified analytics professional certification enables you to get started with the process of analytics.

It focuses on the different analytics domain, like:

  • Business Problem framing

  • Analytics problem framing and much more

You can also pick up the CCP Data Engineer Certification. This certification enables you to show your ability to:

  • Ingest

  • Transform

  • Store

  • Analyze Data

A big data engineer can earn up to $1,58,000 per annum in the United States and in India, he or she can earn close to 16,00,000 rupees per annum with the right certification.

7) PMP Certification:

Project management involves leading a team to achieve its goal and be successful within a time period. The best certification you can pick up are:

The certification covers the concepts of domains like:

  • Initiating

  • Planning

  • Executing

  • Monitoring and Controlling &

  • Closing

You can also learn 591Lab’s PMP certification Guide.

Alongside the concept involves project management domain including concepts of being scrum master and much more.

A project manager can earn up to $1,07,000 per annum in the United States and up to 25,00,000 rupees per annum in India with the right certification.

8) Agile Scrum:

Scrum is a popular framework that enables teams to work together. To get certified with scrum you can check on the Certified Agile Scrum Master certification by the scrum alliance.

The certification will help you understand:

  • The scrum framework

  • Team Roles

  • Events

  • Other Artifacts

It also enables you to teach the organization:

  • Scrum Values

  • Principles &

  • Practices

A certified scrum master can earn up to $1,32,000 per annum in the United States and up to 23,00,000 lakh rupees per annum in India.

9) Networking:

Networking involves the process of transporting and exchanging data between nodes in a shared network. Some of the popular networking certifications you can pick up are,

The CompTIA Network+ certification will give you the basic knowledge of

  • Networking concepts

  • Network security

  • Network operations &

  • Troubleshooting

You can also take up the CISCO CCNA and CCNP certifications. These certifications which are associate and professional level certifications show off your ability to work with CISCO networking solutions. With the right certification, a network engineer earns approximately $1,30,000 USD per annum in the United States and close to 9,00,000 lakh rupees per annum in India.

10) ITIL:

ITIL is a set of practices in IT services management that can help align your IT services with our data station’s needs. Some of the popular ITIL certifications you can pick up are

Axelos ITIL certifications. Starting with foundation level certification. This certification gives you

- A basic understanding of ITIL concepts.

- The guiding principles of ITIL 4.

- Service management dimensions and so much more.

You can also pick 591Lab’s ITIL foundation certification course. The course covers

  • Service management’s key concepts

  • It’s four dimensions

  • The ITIL service value system

  • The service value chain and much more.

With the right certification, an ITIL manager can earn close to 1,04,000$ per annum in the United States and 14,00,000 rupees per annum in India.


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