Palo Alto, The Product Of The Era Under Cross-chain Innovation

Updated: Dec 22, 2020

With the development of the times, the existing model of the blockchain market is gradually moving towards innovation. However, there are some disadvantages and bottlenecks in the performance, capacity, privacy, isolation, and expansion of the single-chain in the blockchain market. In order to ensure the integrity of the market and the expansion development of the innovation trend, the trend under the market demand will focus on the transaction cycle of multi-chain combination. It can not only improve the market-oriented environment but also provide a better application environment for the development of the industry.

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Palo Alto, The Product Of The Era Under Cross-chain Innovation

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In today’s blockchain technology, the use of chained local storage in data storage leads to the failure of parallel expansion, and the synchronous state machine model in consensus mechanism leads to inefficient transaction processing and is limited by the performance of a single node in the network. Therefore, the single-chain architecture can not meet the performance, capacity, user experience, and other requirements of the application. The cross-chain of the Palo Alto mechanism is similar to the Sharding of Ethernet Mechanism. At the same time, it combines fault tolerance, processing capacity, multiple-scale expansion of function combination, multi-chain routing mechanism docking connection, and distribution between multiple chains, which can respond to problems and point-to-point docking nodes more quickly, and make the exchange operation more efficient and complete.

Palo alto’s multi-chain parallelism increases the interoperability of the blockchain, which can meet the transfer and exchange of wealth and economy in multiple chains, increase circulation, and field expansion, such as exchange rate quotes, weather, stock prices, specific indicators, etc. In addition, Palo alto also carries the storage space for users and the market to efficiently expand a load of data to increase network throughput. Fragmented storage can improve the transaction processing and data-carrying capacity of nodes on the basis of maintaining decentralized characteristics.

Palo alto, as the first project that can quickly realize state fragmentation, can become an important advantage for future trend expansion. Its deployment includes a two-layer blockchain structure, one is used for transaction accounting, and the second is used for fragmentation. The second one is used to confirm that the transactions in the fragments interact with each other without affecting each other. Increasing fragments can increase the overall throughput, allowing the common structure and linking of multiple transactions, and it will also promote the expansion of the future prospect space.

Nowadays, with the development and construction of the blockchain market, the ecology of the public chain is based on point-to-point storage, consensus mechanism, and encryption algorithm to drive the new market operation. In order to solve the centralized decentralized management, as well as the commercial value of project expansion and the exchange efficiency of piecemeal processing, the blockchain market plays a role in enhancing the deep stickiness and market vitality of users and platforms. The innovation and construction of the layer foundation chain are essential. In order to solve the obstacles brought by these industry problems and further improve and upgrade the blockchain market, Palo Alto has made contributions.

In terms of speed operation, in order to improve the scale limit of the calculation speed of the blockchain market, Palo Alto introduces the concept of fragmentation, which is mainly used to improve the operation efficiency of the database. One fragment is the horizontal part of the database, and each fragment is stored in a server, so as to expand the load and make the database more efficient. Due to the fragmentation of the blockchain, the data is scattered, point to point operation is more efficient, which can improve network throughput and scalability.

In response to the lack of Turing completeness in-market projects, Palo alto can simulate and describe the operation of a computing program, providing a Turing complete simulator that can run smart contracts. The cross-chain interaction brings convenience to the on-chain link, allowing multiple parallel chains to operate simultaneously and efficiently. Regarding the innovation of node operation, Palo alto has added the optimization of the anti-quantum center horizontal node. Its characteristic is that the nodes are connected to each other through the network to form a quantitatively distributed cluster. The verification server is arranged in parallel between the node servers to solve the timeliness of the internal data of the system. Improve the flexibility of data applications, so that data can be transmitted more efficiently and stored more securely.

The construction of decentralized oracles and zero-knowledge proofs can realize the interaction of on-chain smart contracts and external data, and provide users with a safe system without a third party, enabling the construction of on-chain transaction networks more complete.

DPOS+PBFT Byzantine Fault Tolerance + Proof of Entrusted Equity. The optimization of the node algorithm reduces the complexity of the algorithm and increases the fault tolerance rate of the node algorithm.

Palo alto is a project that integrates high performance, high-frequency throughput, security, and decentralization. Palo alto will carry over a million-level on-chain transaction processing capabilities, combined with the high performance of the state channel and the data of the oracle. The chain mechanism builds a complete online transaction chain on the chain.

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