Palo Alto Networks Launches The Most Comprehensive Cloud-native Security Platform: Prisma Cloud 2.0

Updated: Dec 27, 2020

Palo Alto Networks' security platform integrates all key network security functions, including advanced threat protection, firewall, IDS/IPS, and URL filtering functions to ensure better security than traditional firewalls, UTM, or network threat detection products. Palo Alto Networks has won the favor of thousands of enterprises, governments, and service providers with its deep expertise, innovative concepts, and revolutionary security platform, and has become the fastest-growing network security company in the market. As companies continue to use workloads and data in the cloud and SaaS, ensuring that security solutions stay in sync is critical. The features introduced in the new version of PAN-OS provide scalable visualization, control, and threat protection, and Provides the deployment flexibility required by today's distributed enterprises and their employees.

Palo Alto Networks Launches The Most Comprehensive Cloud-native Security Platform: Prisma Cloud 2.0 Palo Alto Cloud Computing Prisma Cloud Cloud Security Firewall Palo Alto Support Palo Alto Networks Palo Alto Certification
Palo Alto Networks Launches The Most Comprehensive Cloud-native Security Platform: Prisma Cloud 2.0

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Palo Alto Networks firewall allows users to accurately identify each application that attempts to access the network to specify security policies. Traditional firewalls only identify applications by protocol and port number. This firewall can distinguish two applications with the same protocol and port number through packet inspection and application signature library, and can also identify the potential of using non-standard ports.

Palo Alto Networks has announced the launch of Prisma Cloud 2.0, which includes four new cloud security modules, consolidating its status as the most comprehensive cloud in the industry security platform CN's status. CNSP aims to protect multi-cloud and hybrid cloud environments and cloud-native applications, integrating security in the entire DevOps cycle. This release integrates Aporeto products and builds on Palo Alto Networks Prisma Cloud, which was launched in November 2019.

The new Palo Alto Networks Prisma Cloud module includes:

  • The data security module provides data leakage prevention (DLP) functions and provides discovery, classification, and malware detection functions for AWS S3. Companies in regulated industries can use data security modules to help meet various requirements when adopting cloud resources. When combined with the cloud security situation management (CSPM) function, the data security module can provide customers with important background information about data exposure to real cloud risks.

  • Web application and API security modules help to protect web applications from the impact of layer 7 and threats of the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP). And integrate with the unified agent framework that the enterprise has already used for the cloud workload protection platform (CWPP).

  • After the acquisition of Aporeto, the identity-based micro-segmentation module integrates powerful cloud network security (CNS) functions to provide end-to-end visibility of network communications, as well as comprehensive security policy control and management functions.

  • The identity and access management (IAM) security module provide customers with cloud infrastructure authorization management (CIEM) functions, allowing them to understand who has accessed specific cloud resources and protect these resources by establishing automatic least-privileged access identities.

Prior to this, Prisma Cloud was the only supplier that provided both cloud security situation management and cloud workload protection functions in the form of a SaaS solution on a single platform. With today's newly added cloud network security and cloud infrastructure authorization management functions, Prisma Cloud currently has industry-leading products in the four CNSP areas, making Prisma Cloud 2.0 the only true cloud-native security platform.

Doug Cahill, the Senior Security Analyst and Group Practice Director of Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG), said, “Enterprises are adopting cloud-native architectures, including containers and serverless, and adopting DevOps and other ways to increase release speed and achieve scale expansion. This requires the security team to integrate security throughout the application lifecycle, and as the market converges, it provides security features through a platform-centric approach. The innovation of Prisma Cloud 2.0 shows this."

Varun Badhwar, senior vice president of Prisma Cloud products at Palo Alto Networks, said, “Today, companies are using various cloud resources in many different ways. This brings many advantages, such as rapid deployment, increased agility, and rapid introduction of new features. But it also brings many different types of potential risks. Prisma Cloud 2.0 solves these challenges through a unified solution to help companies detect threats to cloud resources, maintain compliance, protect cloud-native applications, and protect cloud networks and application communications. And perform permissions and secure authentication between workloads-this is a truly comprehensive cloud security solution."

As a global network security leader, Palo Alto Networks is using its advanced technology to reshape a cloud-centric future society, changing the way humans and organizations operate. Palo Alto Networks’s mission is to become the preferred cybersecurity partner to protect people's digital lifestyles. With Palo Alto Networks’s continuous innovations and breakthroughs in artificial intelligence, analysis, automation, and orchestration, Palo Alto Network helps customers to meet the most serious security challenges in the world. By delivering integrated platforms and promoting the continuous growth of partner ecosystems, Palo Alto Networks has always been at the forefront of security, escorting tens of thousands of organizations in the cloud, network, and mobile devices. Palo Alto Networks' vision is to build an increasingly secure world.

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