Juniper: Automation and DevOps Certification Track

Updated: Jan 3

As we all know, Juniper JNCIA and JNCIS certification training is going through an era of increasing demand in related industries​​. In recent years, Juniper JNCIA certification has become a global standard for the selection of talents in many successful large companies. This also shows how important Juniper JNCIA certification is to people’s future career.

The Juniper Networks Certification Program (JNCP) Automation and DevOps track exam mainly examines candidates’ ability to use common scripting languages and tools in the field of equipment and network function automation. Candidates who pass the exam prove that they have a certain understanding of applying automation to Junos devices and networks. And this article would introduce two levels of Automation and DevOps certification, that is the Associate level and Specialist level.

Juniper: Automation and DevOps Certification Track

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Associate: JNCIA- DevOps

This certification is for network professionals with entry-level knowledge of automation tools and good practices. The written examination of the certification will verify that candidates understand the DevOps and automation concepts related to Juniper network equipment and solutions. And there is no requirement for candidates to register for this exam.

Exam information

・Exam code: JN0-221

・Exam organizer: Pearson VUE

・Exam duration: 90 minutes

・Type of examination: 65 multiple choice questions

・Scoring and feedback on the test results (passed/failed)

・Junos Software: 20.1

・Python: 3.4+

・Ansible: 2.9

Exam goals

Juno's automation stack and DevOps concept

Identify the concepts and general features of Junos automation or DevOps.

・Automation tools

・Automation framework

・Automation API

・DevOps culture, practices, and tools


Identify the concepts and general functions of XML, XML API, XPath or NETCONF

・XML concepts and syntax

・XPath concepts and syntax

・NETCONF concept

・XML API concept and syntax

Data serialization

Identify the concepts, advantages, or operations of data serialization




Identify how to use Ansible to automate Junos tasks

・Architecture and function


・Juniper Networks Junos Ansible module: modify the configuration, operation command, and software update

・Basic List Document


Identify Python or PyEZ tools for automating Junos

· Grammar and concepts

· RPCs

· PyEZ exception handling

· Device status and configuration processing


Identify the concepts, advantages, or operations of the Junos REST API

· Configure the Junos REST API

· Use REST API resource manager

· Use curl to access REST AP

Specialist: JNCIS-DevOps

This written test is for network professionals (with intermediate knowledge of automation tools and good practices) and will verify candidates' mastery of applying scripting tools such as PyEZ, Python, and Ansible to Junos devices and networks. Unlike JNCIA-DevOps, which does not restrict application conditions, the certification condition of JNCIS-DevOps is that the applicant has passed the JNCIA-DevOps exam.

Exam information

・The JNCIS-DevOps exam topics are based on the content of the recommended instructor-led training courses and other resources listed.

・Exam code: JN0-421

・Test organizer: Pearson VUE

・Test duration: 90 minutes

・Exam type: 65 multiple choice questions

・Feedback test results on the spot (pass/fail)

・Software version: 18.3

Exam goals

Platform Automation Overview

It requires candidates to understand the concepts, general features, or functions of automation on the Junos platform

· MGD-based automation

· Telemetry concept

· JSD-based automation


Describe the concept, advantages, or operations of automated access methods ・XML API



Data serialization and templates

Describes the concept, advantage, or operation of data serialization






This paper introduces Python tools for realizing JUNOS automation



・PyEZ exception handling




Stateful configuration (Ansible/Salt) ・Describe how to use Ansible to automate Junos ・Operation Guide ・Template (Jinja2) ・Describe how to use SALT to automate Junos ・Tower ・Pillar ・Runner

Junos automation script

Describe the concepts, advantages, or operations of Junos automation scripts

・Submit, operation, event, or SNMP script



YANG/Open Config

Understand the concepts and general features supported by the Junos YANG model

・Concept of implementation

Juniper Extension Toolkit

Understand the concepts, general features, or functions of the Juniper extension kit

・Service API

・gRPC/gNMI (Network Management Interface)

・Notification API

・Quick programming configuration (temporary database)

With the development of Juniper in the world, the related certificates of Juniper are also very popular. This article mainly introduces the Associate and specialist level of Automation and DevOps Certification Track: JNCIA and JNCIS.

The above is the detailed exam information, key knowledge points, and registration requirements of JNCIA and JNCIS. According to the information, candidates can choose the type of certification which is suit to themselves to help them to make great achievement in their future career.

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