Huawei Officially Released Four Certifications on July in China

Updated: Feb 6

HCIP-Intelligent Vision V1.0

From July 1, 2020, Huawei HCIP-Intelligent Vision V1.0 (Chinese version) will be officially launched in China.

HCIP-intelligent Vision V1.0 mainly aims to train and certify senior engineers who are incapable of designing machine vision solutions and installing and implementing Huawei machine vision products.

The HCIP-Intelligent Vision V1.0 certification will prove that you have already mastered the principle and application of Intelligent camera technology and Intelligent algorithm. The certification which are aims to be able to fully understand the application scenarios of video cloud, video library, video big data, and video networking technology in the field of intelligent security; Be capable of planning, designing, and implementing video sites and intelligent visual platforms; Be qualified as intelligent security system solution senior engineer, pre-sales solution senior engineer and planning and implementation of senior engineer posts.

HCIA-Big Data V3.0

HCIA-Big Data V3.0 (Chinese version), Huawei certified Big Data engineer has been officially released in China on July 1, 2020.

Huawei Certified Big Data Engineer HCIA-Big Data V3.0 aims to cultivate and certify engineers who are capable of using Huawei MRS Big Data development platform.

Through HCIA-Big Data V3.0 certification, you will be able to master the principles and architecture of common and important Big Data building techniques, which including HDFS, Hive, HBase, Flume, Spark, Flink, ElasticSearch, Redis, and other components, and master the methods of application in Huawei's Big Data platform MRS. The person will have the ability to operate and develop MRS services based on Huawei; Also be qualified as a big data development engineer and other positions.

HCIA-GaussDB V1.5

HCIA-GaussDB V1.5 (Chinese version), certified database engineer of Huawei,will be officially released in China from July 7, 2020.

Huawei Certified HCIA-GAusSDB V1.5 aims to train and certify engineers who are capable of using GaussDB database for development, management, and daily operation and maintenance.

The HCIA-GaussDB V1.5 certification will prove that you have already mastered the basic theory of GaussDB database, SQL syntax, database design and development, database security, and the product ecology of Huawei Database GaussDB. You will have the basic capabilities of DATABASE SQL development, authority management, database design, and so on, and the person will be competent for the position of database development or management.

HCIP_AI_Network Developer V1.0

Huawei HCI-AI-Network Developer V1.0 (Chinese version) will be officially released in China on July 10, 2020.

HCIP-AI-network Developer V1.0 aims to cultivate and certify senior engineers who are able to deal with Network AI business analysis, data understanding, algorithm modeling, and Network AI platform with development capabilities.

Through HCI-AI-Network Developer V1.0 certification, you will be able to master the basic knowledge of Huawei Network AI development, which including Network business scenario knowledge, Network data analysis skills, Network AI algorithm modeling knowledge, and Huawei Network AI development platform NAIE knowledge. The person will able to operate and develop Huawei Network AI platform BASED on NAIE; Be capable of network AI development senior engineer and other positions.

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