Fortinet is building a secure network for users

Updated: Dec 28, 2020

Recently, Gartner released the 2020 Magic Quadrant for WAN Edge Infrastructure report. In this report, Fortinet was ranked second in the Leaders Quadrant by Gartner. At the same time, in Gartner's market research on global enterprise network equipment, Fortinet ranked third in the world with a market share of 10%. Gartner’s evaluation: Fortinet has more than 30,000 WAN edge device users and more than 8,000 SD-WAN users worldwide, covering many industries, including retail, life and health, manufacturing, finance, and education. Among them, Fortinet is one of the enterprises with the strongest security solution capabilities in this study and combined with SD-WAN capabilities, it provides the most complete solution.

Fortinet is building a secure network for users  The advantages of Fortinet Fortinet’s solutions Fortinet’ service for users SD-WAN Orchestrator hybrid WAN connection secure SD-WAN SD-WAN-based scenario-SD-Branch Magic Quadrant FortiGate
Fortinet is building a secure network for users

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After being selected into the Gartner Network Firewall Leaders Quadrant last year, Fortinet’s ability to continue to stand out as a leader in the SD-WAN field again because of Fortinet’s core strategy-building a security-driven network for users.

With the deepening of the digital transformation process and the widespread application of network acceleration technology in cloud computing, the WAN edge infrastructure has entered a huge wave of revolutionary upgrades. SD-WAN has therefore become the fastest growing network technology in the market in recent years. However, one of the most critical challenges faced by organizations adopting SD-WAN technology is that most WAN edge devices have insufficient security capabilities and require customers to deploy an independent security solution. This undoubtedly increases management complexity and overhead and weakens SD-WAN should provide the effect of saving deployment time and total cost. Moreover, because security and the network are not fully integrated, and cannot be managed through a single management console, it results in a gap in visibility and control.

The advantages of Fortinet

Fortinet undoubtedly has a unique advantage in solving the above problems.

First of all, Fortinet has a solid foundation in enterprise-level routing and has a long history of providing advanced network deployment for globally distributed enterprises.

Secondly, Fortinet FortiGate has the industry’s outstanding security performance and cost-effectiveness. After combining the SD-WAN function, it allows users to take into account security and network performance while minimizing overall investment costs. In terms of management, Fortinet has added the SD-WAN Orchestrator orchestration platform to the original Fabric Manage Center to further enhance the deployment and management capabilities of SD-WAN networks for large-scale and complex scenarios, and reduce operation and maintenance costs and complexity.

In addition, for the SD-WAN-based scenario-SD-Branch, Gartner also made an evaluation in this report: the functions of branch WAN edge devices are changing rapidly, evolving from professional and separate routing, security, and WAN optimization equipment to a multi-functional SD-WAN device. SD-WAN is replacing traditional branch routers with its application-aware multi-link intelligent routing function, centralized orchestration, native security, and application performance optimization. This is what Fortinet excels at.

Fortinet’s solutions

As the world’s first industry leader advocating “secure SD-WAN” and “secure SD-Branch”, Fortinet’s solutions are suitable for deployment in all situations, including:

Branches access the headquarters/data center through the Internet and dedicated lines/MPLS;

Teleworkers access the headquarters/data center/public cloud (LaaS and SaaS) through the Internet and VPN;

Headquarters/data center access public cloud (LaaS and SaaS);

Fortinet’ service for users

1. Improve business application performance. Accurately identify applications through 6000+ application characteristics and Internet service databases, and perform intelligent offloading based on link quality based on hybrid WAN connections to ensure key business application performance and user experience. It can also help users have a clearer perception of link quality and application experience for the entire network.

2. Fast cloud direct connection, optimized to the public cloud LaaS and SaaS connection performance and stability.

3. It is more convenient to connect to the public cloud network and realize through the backbone network Pop node constructed with the operator's partner

4. Improve the efficiency of enterprise networking. Through SD-WAN Orchestrator, accelerate the efficiency of zero-touch deployment,

5. Provide users with a unified view and management platform, simplify the management complexity of SD-WAN devices and networks, and improve the cloud experience.

6. By integrating with native services of public cloud platforms, FortiGate can allow users to improve the agility of multi-cloud interconnection. By deploying FortiGate on a multi-cloud

7. It is able to build a multi-cloud SD-WAN network for users, allowing users to manage multi-cloud connections and security as easy and convenient as managing branches.

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