Do you know about the interview process of HCIE?

HCIE training is mainly about HCIE interview, which only investigates examinees whether they have reached the level of HCIE certificated technical expert. After all, experts are only the minority group. During the interview, the examiner will investigate your express whether it is clear, precise, concise and logical or not in starting problems.

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If you are an engineer with rich experience, you must possess an understanding ability towards equipment characteristics, protocol and excluding malfunction. The interview focuses more on aspects followed on the comprehensive above, in order to test whether you are a qualified true expert, or have the essential to be an expert. With a great language express, you can express your idea clearly and logically. That means, a great language express will give you a promotion.

With excellent manners, whatever techniques you have, you still need to keep your own great moral rather than resist others and provoke others through the language. What's more, you should respect the examiners. For example, some interviewees say to the examiner, "your questions are so difficult that nobodies can answer them. If I ask you the question, you can not answer them." In this case, your manners are not qualified, so how can you gain the qualification of the HCIE .

HCIE interview pays more attention to program ability. Thus, the program you are being on must be put forward with by yourself. In this condition, the supply is very clear that a person needs to adopt a clear equipment type, concise present problems and can deal with various problem asked by examiners.

You should comprehensively master the technique principle rather than yea and nay. It requires that you can draw in inferences and deal with any problems from different perspectives. But if you have no idea, you should explore it for an understanding. In this way, you are able to cope with shifting events.

In the premise of keeping a good rest, you can participate in the interview being full of spirit and energy. Instead, with consistent review at night, it will make you fall in a listless state , which will affect your expressivity in the interview.

When you are answering questions put by examiners, you should slow down for stating clearly, never for fast development. And you should guarantee that one word or one sentence can be heard clearly by examiners. If you are afraid of making a careless omission in a statement, you can draw your content in the computer or blackboard ahead of the interview, in order to make sure you're expressing accurate, clear and explicit.

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