Comparison of ITIL 4 and COBIT2019 Part2

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Comparison of ITIL 4 and COBIT2019 Part2

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4. COBIT 2019

For anyone who wants to build governance on top of IT service creation and delivery, COBIT has always been the most popular choice. COBIT has also established creation through IT investment. There are similarities such as ISO 38500, OECD principles and the Cadbury report, but they are not as popular as COBIT, and they have not developed a large knowledge base like COBIT.

COBIT 2019 promotes simpler and more intuitive implementation. This will strengthen COBIT's continued role as an important driving force for innovation and business transformation.

COBIT 2019 stipulates the six governance system principles as:

①Provide stakeholder value

②Holistic approach

③Dynamic governance system

④Separation of governance and management

⑤Tailored according to business needs

⑥End-to-end governance system

The focus area describes a series of governance topics, domains, or problems that can be solved through a set of governance goals and their components. For example: SMEs, information security, risk, DevOps.

The organization needs to adjust the following design factors to meet its requirements:

(1)Corporate Strategy

(2)Enterprise's goal

(3)Risk profile

(4)Information and technology-related issues

(5)Threat landscape

(6)Compliance requirements

(7)The role of IT

(8)IT procurement model

(9)IT implementation method

(10)Technology adoption strategy

(11)Enterprise size.

5. ITIL 4 and COBIT 2019: the similarity of the framework structure

5.1 COBIT 2019 and ITIL 4 Service Value System SVS Governance

ITIL 4 Service Value System (ITIL SVS) helps how various components in a service provider organization come together to create value. An important part of ITIL SVS is governance. The governance principles discussed in COBIT are similar to some of the concepts discussed in ITIL 4. Evaluation, guidance, and supervision are the basic components of governance that are accepted by ITIL 4 and COBIT 2019.

5.2 Guiding Principles

The 7 guiding principles of ITIL 4 should be considered in all areas of the organization. Some guiding principles in ITIL 4 are closely related to the governance system principles described in COBIT 2019, such as:

Focus on value: One of the guiding principles of ITIL 4 is "value", and the first governance principle of COBIT 2019 is "provide stakeholder value", both are consistent. The expressions of these two principles are slightly different, but the meanings are actually focused on creating value for relevant stakeholders

Holistic thinking and work: The ITIL 4 guiding principles of "holistic thinking and work" are compatible with the COBIT 2019 "end-to-end governance system governance" principle. Both of these principles point out that value cannot be provided by working in isolation, but only by focusing on all the components that a company implements to achieve its goals.

Iterative feedback progress: ITIL 4 Iterative feedback progress guiding principles have some similarities with the governance principles of the "dynamic governance system" in COBIT 2019. Both principles recognize that the management framework will be revised during its life cycle to respond to the changing business environment.

6. The synergy of governance system components and service management dimensions

ITIL 4 emphasizes the principle that value cannot be created through the independent implementation of processes or technologies, but value creation must be taken as a whole, including the four dimensions of service management. These dimensions complement the components of the COBIT 2019 governance system. Interestingly, COBIT does identify partners/suppliers as part of the governance system.

Organization and personnel: This dimension is closely related to the COBIT 2019 organizational structure, personnel skills and abilities.

Information and technology: This dimension is closely related to the COBIT 2019 components of information, service infrastructure and applications.

Value stream and process: This dimension is closely related to the COBIT 2019 component of processes, principles, policies and procedures.

7. Synergy between ITIL service value chain and COBIT target cascade

In order to create value, the six activities of the ITIL service value chain utilize other organizational components. These activities are non-linear, with no clear sequence or clear starting and ending points. The value creation process of each value creation instance will be different. Similar concepts can be observed in COBIT 2019 governance and management objectives.

The localization and customization of the service value chain is a key point emphasized in ITIL 4. Before starting the value-creating service value chain, the requirements that need to be met must be determined. This will determine the sequence of activities.

A similar process ensures the localization and customization of COBIT applications through the target cascade method. Before embarking on the implementation of governance controls and processes, the organization must understand the corporate goals and priorities. In COBIT 2019, 13 such corporate goals were identified. Once selected, it can be mapped to the alignment target. These align goals; then choose among 40 governance goals and determine which governance goals need to be addressed to improve the governance system within the organization.

The similarity between the two frameworks can be observed at a very high level. Both frameworks consider business goals and focus on value creation as a starting point. However, they tried to achieve different goals.


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