Discount on All Cisco Exams!

Updated: Feb 24

Good news for all the people who have been waiting to attempt their Cisco CCNA, CCNA CyberOps, CCNP, or any other exam excluding the CCIE lab. Now is the great opportunity to grab this deal and get your desired CISCO exam certification.

591Lab provides you the best online study materials for CISCO CCNA and both CCNP core, concentration exams for your hassle-free pass.

There is a very good offer from Cisco official that now you can attempt your exam in half of the fees which means you are getting a 50% discount.
50% Discount on All Cisco Exams

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There is a very good offer from Cisco official that now you can attempt your exam in half of the fees which means you are getting a 50% discount. You have to register as soon as possible and you have to attempt your exam before the 16th of May. Go to and this is the offer so you have to use the “CLGlobal21” discount code to get your 50% off and then there are some other offers as well but for these ones you have to pay a little bit. So mainly our focus is on 50% off which is the good news for everyone who wants to attempt the exam. So please plan and attempt your exam soon. so how to go for this discount on the official Cisco website let me tell you to step by step. Here, step number one you have to go to google and you have to search for Cisco live 50 percent offer or Cisco training live offers 50, and then go to the link directly learning this is the official website of Cisco. so click on the link and it will bring you to the required page. Which have the discount code we need. So here you have to click buy now or you can go to google and search for Pearson VUE wherever you book your exam. So, Pearson Vue goes to their website and then you can log in yourself or you can go to this website click on the buy now button. so, if you go straight forward click on the buy now button then it brings you to the Pearson website where you can book the exam. so here you have to click the sign in, just like you book your normal exam so you have to continue with all the settings with all the default values everything. So here you have to select whichever exam you want to attempt, for example, you want to go for CCNA enterprise 200-301 so you have to select this. One clicks on to go this is how you book your exam normally even without the discount or anything. so, whether you want to attempt the exam at home or whether you want to go to any testing center and you want to attempt the exam in their testing center so you can choose either of the options. But better you go to a testing center because at home then you have to have the cameras and proctor and all of that you need to have a stable internet connection but it depends on you. You can go through this whole detail so let's say we are saying that we want to go online for the exam at home, then we click on next. After that, it says some terms and conditions so we will select these terms and conditions. We say yes click on next then your language either English or Japanese whichever is available in your region. So, this one so here it is showing the normal exam price is 300. Before this price was different for different countries but now Cisco has made it uniform. For example, before for Nigeria, South Africa, and some European countries it was 195. And in some countries like India, the USA the fee was 300 or 325 but now it is appearing as 300 everywhere. This price we can reduce to half using that discount code. Click on “I accept”. Then we go next select the language one more time for the proctor because you will need to talk to him. So, the slots are available immediately, but you have to prepare for the exam as well. So let's say you want to book tomorrow, so select the time. Then here you have to check everything in your detail, click on proceed to check out. Then you select I accept the exam policies. Then this is the most important point here you have to use this promo code “CLGlobal21”. The apply button so this 300 dollars if this promo code is valid then it will show you that this has been reduced to 50% which means now you will be paying only 150. This is official from Cisco. So here you select your card and all of the information. After that, you click next and then you can book your exam. So, this is a quick update that I wanted to share with you. This is directly from Cisco to all Cisco students officially. You can reach out 591Lab and get started on your desired CISCO certification now.

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