Certification Guide of AWS Certified Solutions Architect- Associate | SAA-C01

Updated: Jan 5

AWS architecture principles

  1. Design architectures with independent components. The looser they’re coupled, the larger the scale.

  2. Design for failure and nothing will fail.

  3. Implement elasticity.

  4. Architectural principle: build security in every layer.

  5. Principle of least privilege

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Certification Guide of AWS Certified Solutions Architect- Associate | SAA-C01

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Examination introduction

The certification of cloud computing Architect (SAA-C01) launched by AWS has associate level and professional level. Candidates can make an appointment for the test through the website of AWS Certification Center. And candidates can choose the test site which is close to them. The main objective of the certification is to verify that the architect can collect requirements and use best practices to build the system in AWS. This article focuses on the review methods and the latest key examination content.

Review methods and learning materials

The official study guide, AWS Certified Solutions Architect Official Study Guide is very important, candidates can download it, print it, or buy it. And they need to read it carefully. The exercises at the end of each chapter are used to test the degree of understanding. Candidates can mark wrong questions with colored pens. Finally, they can check the wrong questions together.

The white paper is very good information, it is recommended to read carefully, https://aws.amazon.com/whitepapers/.

White papers that candidates should focus on:

Overview of Amazon Web Services

Architecting for the Cloud

AWS well-architected framework

AWS Virtual Private Cloud Connectivity Options

Serverless Applications Lens

High-Performance Computing Lens

Key test points

The test points involved in many questions in the examination:

1. EC2. Use of several instances, such as Spot and On-Demand.

2. Storage. S3, EBS, EFS, respectively applicable satiation.

S3 encryption method, Server side, Client-side, and KMS;

S3 pre-sign URL, S3 storage type, Infrequent access.

Situations where several types of EBS are applicable.

3. Database. Aurora,Multi-AZ, DynamoDB,No-SQL can be used to store key-value data.

DynamoDB Accelerator. (DAX) is a memory cache that can read data quickly.

DynamoDB is used for game user state preservation and can provide millions of concurrent users.

AWS Redis can use Redis Auth to strengthen security, and users need to enter a password

4. ELB,Elastic Cache,ELB

5. SQS

6. VPC, subnet, public subnet

VPC peering;

VPC endpoint;

Private Link, Direct Link.

7. ACL. Security Group, instance level, subnet level

8. CloudWatch. Use Event to make Lambda function run.

Benefits of AWS certification

For individuals

  • Can prove that individuals have the ability to design, deploy and manage high availability, low cost, and secure applications on the AWS platform

  • Earn respect and recognition at work or in the community

  • Can put certification in your resume, and the AWS certification badge is integrated into LinkedIn

  • Can make greater progress in a career, which is beneficial to personal and professional development

For employers

  • Have the approval of service and tools on AWS

  • Reduce the risk of AWS project implementation

  • Increase customer satisfaction

Certification process

  • You need to register online to find a test center that is closer and more convenient for yourself

  • You need to bring your ID card to prove yourself

  • Mobile phones are not allowed to enter the venue

  • There must be a photo on the ID

  • Sign NDA to ensure that the test questions will not be disclosed

  • Computer mid-course test at the test center (80 minutes, 55 test questions)

  • You will know the score and whether you passed the test immediately after the test (you will not see whether each question is correct)

  • Results and certification certificates will be sent to the email address after passing

Examination format

  • The emphasis of the AWS Certified Solutions Architect- Associate is: mastery of single service and small-scale composite service

  • All questions are multiple-choice (multiple choice or single choice)

  • 55 questions

  • You can label uncertain questions and come back to change your answer before submitting them

Preparation for the AWS Certified Solutions Architect exam

  • Master at least 1 high-level language (c, c+, java, etc.)

  • Master the AWS white paper

  • According to customer needs, experience in deploying hybrid systems using AWS components

  • Use the AWS Architecture Center website to learn more

Suggestions for exam preparation

AWS Certified Solutions Architect- Associate

  • At least 6 months of practical operating experience, experience in managing production systems in AWS

  • Learned the basic courses of AWS

AWS Certified Solutions Architect- Professional

  • At least 2 years of practical operation experience, experience in managing a variety of different types of complex production systems in AWS (multiple services, dynamic scaling, high availability, refactoring or fault tolerance)

  • Ability to execute construction in AWS, advanced conceptual capabilities of architecture