CCDE: Cisco Certified Design Expert

Updated: Jan 6

Cisco CCNA, CCNP and CCIE certifications are already one of the well-known certificates required for network workers. Everyone knows that in addition to CCIE, Cisco also has a CCDE certification-Cisco Certified Design Expert.

CCDE: Cisco Certified Design Expert
CCDE: Cisco Certified Design Expert

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CCDE (Cisco Certified Design Expert) certification is to provide network professionals with expert knowledge and skills in network design. CCDE is a technical certification, which was set up to support and provide guidance to the individuals in the industry to evaluate expert standard-based network design skills at the global level. The certification is provided by Cisco Systems. The importance given by CCDE certification is mostly on network design standards, guidelines, and concepts at the level of infrastructure. The network designers, who are experts and can maintain the progressively more intricate networks of international associations and groups by successfully converting trade plans and policies into gradually developed technological and procedural plans and policies, are acknowledged by this prominent official certification.

There are less than 100 network engineers who have passed the CCDE certification in the world every year, which also shows the value of CCDE. CCDE courses are suitable for expert network design engineers, expert network leaders of IT infrastructure teams, and expert network leaders in charge of work management teams. They need to finish business requirements, budgets and team members to design and practice reasonable network architecture solutions.          

Through CCDE, you can develop and design solutions for large customer networks at the infrastructure level. After becoming a CCDE, it shows that you have the ability to easily solve the most challenging network infrastructure design tasks and the ability to develop solutions for customer networks, design, integration, optimization, operation, security and support at the infrastructure level.


CCDE exam has two parts, written exam and lab exam, and only when candidates pass the written exam, will he/she have the chance to take the lab exam.

CCDE Written Exam:

1.The duration of this written exam is 2-hours.

2.It takes under and enfolds network design in the fields of routing, tunneling, Quality of Service (QoS), management, cost, capacity, and security.

CCDE Lab Exam:

1.The duration of this lab exam is 8-hours.

2.The lab exam is to evaluate the candidate's aptitude to carry out the study of design, rationalize by giving proper reasons for the necessities of design, and build up a design execution.

CCDE Written and Lab Examination Syllabus

The written examination syllabus of CCDE constitutes:

1.Layer 2 Control Plane

2.Layer 3 Control Plane

3.Network Virtualization

4.Design Considerations

5.Evolving Technologies

The Lab examination syllabus of CCDE constitutes:

1.Analyze Design Requirements

2.Develop Network Design

3.Implement Network Design

4.Validate and Optimize Network Design

Cisco CCIE Certification Direction

1.Routing and Switching


3.Service Provider

4.Data Center



We all know that Routing and Switching is the most basic and the most chosen direction by network engineers. In addition to Routing and Switching, security and data center is popular direction. The service provider direction is suitable for providing comprehensive Internet access services, information services, and value-added services to users. Network engineers working for telecom operators, graduates from IE-LAB Service Provider have higher salary than many network engineers in other fields. If you want to become a UC master, then the collaboration direction is a must, and the wireless direction is for some network engineers engaged in wireless network-related work.

How to choose the right direction

1.Existing Experience

For example, if you already have a good understanding or study of the relevant technical theoretical knowledge in a certain field of network engineering (such as R&S-related knowledge), then obtaining the CCIE R&S certificate is an easy and imperative perfect start.

2.Job or Career

It is the best choice to choose a direction that can help you in your job or career. For example: You work in an enterprise, and the Service Provider direction is one of the very good choices. If your job is responsible for network security infrastructure, and you choose a data center, it doesn't make much sense as a starting point at this time.

3.Future Plans

Before you make a decision, you might as well think about your 3-5-year career plan. If you are ready to devote yourself to network, it is most suitable to start from R & S. If you want to be a network security engineer, then learning CCIE Security is the most appropriate.

For network engineers, from the very beginning with an IE certificate to add more IE certificates to today, whether it is for better completion of work tasks, or as a solid backing for their own salary increase, everyone has paid more and more attention to improving their abilities.

Having said that, for the network experts who have obtained multiple IE certificates, do you yearn for higher-level technical fields? Then CCDE certification is your best choice.

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