AWS Certified Advanced Networking – Specialty

Updated: Jan 2

AWS Certified Advanced Networking Specialty mainly examines candidates using AWS to design, develop, and deploy a highly available network architecture from the perspective of network design/planning, and execute tools to automatically perform AWS networking tasks. A large part of them is studying the knowledge of AWS Direct Connect, VPN, Elastic Load Balancer, VPC, BGP routing protocol, and other network aspects. The difficulty of this exam is second only to AWS Certified Solutions Architect-Professional, and a certain network background is required to pass it easily.

AWS Certified Advanced Networking – Specialty

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AWS Certified Advanced Networking Specialty focuses on the connection, routing, reliability, fault tolerance, security, encryption, domain name resolution, CDN, directory services, and various cloud services for network requirements (VDI, container, RDS, Big data, database migration, etc.), automated deployment and operation and maintenance, efficiency and cost, risk and compliance, and other network-related knowledge, involving a wide range and a certain depth. The exam content is based on scenarios, focusing on the use of knowledge to solve practical problems rather than the knowledge points themselves. There are 65 multiple-choice questions (single choice and multiple choice) in 170 minutes. Each question introduces a business scenario. You need 2 points Understand the problem, build models, and make choices in half the time.

This AWS Certified Advanced Networking-Specialty exam is a new exam released only in 2017, and it mainly focuses on the examination of network-related knowledge in AWS. The price of the exam is 318 US dollars (300 US dollars test fee + 18 US dollars tax), the test time is 170 minutes, and the number of questions is 65 single-choice/multi-choice questions.

The main content of the exam

·AWS Direct Connect and VPN Connection are the top priorities, everyone must be familiar with it

·Familiar with Public VIF, Private VIF and Hosted VIF in DX line

·How to control Active/Passive routing, whether to choose AS Pre-pending, MED, Local Preference

·The difference and usage of Software VPN, Hardware VPN and third-party VPN

·The difference between Security Group and NACL. Stateful and stateless, allow and deny rules, and what are the reasons for allowing and denying a data packet at the same time in the VPC Flow Log

·VPC and Subnet use cases

·Configuration and use of routing table in Subnet, and restrictions

·DHCP Options Set (enable DNS Hostname, enable DNS Support)

·Placement Group, Enhanced Networking, Jumbo Frame

·AWS DNS server features and Route53 DNS configuration

·DNS configuration under the mixed situation of AWS and Liberty Data Center

·Characteristics of DX

·VPC routing priority

·VPC Peering use case

·The purpose of VPC Endpoint, how to configure the routing table

·Can VPC do Transitive Routing


·Workspace and AD services

·ELB and Auto Scaling Group

Recommended study plan


1) Watch the training video;

2) Read the Official Study Guide (2 times) and complete the main after-school experiment;

3) Review and learn some background professional knowledge, including:

-Symmetric encryption and asymmetric encryption, digital signature, CA certificate, SSH, SSL/TLS, HTTPS, IPSEC/IKE;

-Forward proxy/reverse proxy/HTTP proxy/Socks proxy, DHCP, DNS, CDN;

-LDAP and Active Directory, SAML/OIDC, SSO;

-KVM and XEN virtualization, SR-IOV/DPDK, Dockers and Kubernetes network technology;

-JavaScript and AJAX, Tomcat and Servlet, Cookies and Session, etc.

Week 5,6,7

Complete the training of 800 simulation questions and summarize them, which can help you understand them better.

Week 8

Read the Official Study Guide (3rd time), review more than 200 pages of study notes;

Focus on making up some experiments and watching some videos.

1) During the preparation period, you must keep exercising and adjust your competitive state;

2) The AWS ANS certification exam has a large amount of information, so you should take notes and review regularly;

3) There is not much time to think during the exam. For some mainstream business scenarios, such as VPC routing, Hybrid DNS main scenarios, and solutions, the main variants of the Transit Hub VPC solution, the horizontal and vertical expansion solutions of the EC2 instance VPN gateway, etc. Do a good job of summarizing and be able to draw inferences from one another.

Advice for exam appointment and taking the exam

Exam appointment

Log in to the website to make an appointment

Take the test

· Carry 2 personal IDs with photos and the test center provides a safety cabinet to store personal belongings;

·You can’t bring anything after entering the examination room, you can manage the staff of the examination center to ask for some paper and pens;

·The examination is conducted on a computer, electronically monitored, and a circle of cameras around;

·During the examination period, the mind is highly concentrated, so you must ensure adequate sleep and energy in advance and adjust your mood;

·It is allowed to go to the toilet during the exam. You can prepare a bottle of water and put it on the way to the toilet.

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