AWS Certification Scheme

Updated: Jan 5

AWS Certification is a certification system launched by Amazon AWS for

practitioners in the cloud computing industry: by verifying cloud expertise and capabilities, it helps professionals to fully demonstrate their strengths that can meet market needs, and at the same time assists companies through the use of AWS Create an innovative and efficient cloud team.

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According to roles and professions, AWS Certification provides a variety of certification exams designed to help individuals and teams achieve their specific goals. Trainees can prove their AWS cloud skills and improve their credibility by obtaining certificates recognized by the industry.

Why do we need to get a certificate?

Before talking about the AWS certification system, we can first discuss why we should get such certification. According to the people I contacted preparing for the test, the main reasons for obtaining the certificate are summarized as follows:

Improve your competitiveness by preparing for the exam.

This is the purpose of most people who want to verify. In the field of cloud computing, AWS is well-deserved No.1. Alibaba Cloud benchmarked AWS in the early days, and many services are based on AWS. However, Alibaba Cloud also has innovations in the domestic market environment. For example, the cloud shield product it developed has taken the lead among the major cloud computing vendors. AWS subsequently launched similar products.

The company or department requires employees to obtain certificates.

According to statistics, nearly 60% of domestic websites are currently running on Alibaba Cloud. While using cloud computing extensively, IT organization personnel in these enterprises need to master cloud computing-related knowledge and skills. The certification may become a requirement of companies and departments for some employees of the company. In addition, cloud computing is a big market. In addition to the major cloud computing vendors, they have many partners. AWS is no exception. To become a partner of AWS, there are certain requirements for the number of people who are certified within the company. This also prompted these partners to require employees to obtain certificates.

Test your own skills learning by taking the certificate.

Sometimes it is impossible to know exactly what level of one's ability has been through studying. At this time, choosing to obtain a certificate can be said to be the best way to test one's ability level.

In fact, no matter what the purpose of obtaining the certificate is, I want to say that you should learn AWS with the purpose of mastering the use of AWS services. The certificate is only a test of your own mastery. A colleague who was certified as an expert-level solution architect used this analogy. AWS certification is like a lunch box brought by a climber. When he climbs to the top of the mountain, he can enjoy the lunch box. And what he had was definitely not just this box of lunch, but the scenery along the way.

AWS certification system

AWS certification has a roadmap, which is mainly divided into three lines: Architecting, Developing, and Operations. Each line is divided into assistant-level certification and expert-level certification. You must pass the assistant-level certification before you can get the corresponding expert-level certification. The two certifications in this line of architecture are the assistant-level solution architect certification and the expert-level solution architect certification. The two certifications for developing this line are developer certification and DevOps engineer certification. The two certifications of this line of operation and maintenance are SysOps system administrator certification and DevOps engineer certification. In other words, the expert-level certification of the two lines of development and operation and maintenance is the same certificate.

For example, if you want to get the expert-level solution architect certification, you must first get the assistant-level solution architect certification. To obtain the DevOps engineer certification, you must first obtain at least one of the developer certification or SysOps system administrator certification.

In addition, each certificate has a validity period, which is valid for two years. You can re-certify after expiration. The cost of recertification and the number of questions is halved. As cloud computing is still in a stage of rapid development, AWS will launch many new cloud services every year and will also upgrade existing services. In order to avoid the obsolescence of your knowledge, it is more reasonable to set the certificate to expire in two years.

Choose the certificate that suits you

According to my understanding, the majority of the assistant level certification is the solution architect, while the Developers and Sysops are relatively few. Maybe it's because every IT technician has a dream to be an architect. In fact, from the examination experience, no matter what kind of Assistant certificate you choose, when preparing for the exam, it is almost the same. According to the experience, the degree of difficulty of these three certificates is as follows: developer certification < assistant level solution architect certification < SysOps System Administrator certification. In other words, developer certification is the least difficult, SysOps System Administrator certification is slightly more difficult, and assistant level solution architect certification is in the middle.

Test preparation suggestions

  1. Register an AWS account first

  2. Read each certification exam outline and sample questions

  3. View the AWS FAQ page

  4. Learn the services listed above in turn according to the official website documents; the first type of service requires a lot of actual operations, the second type of service actual operations are not mandatory, but the documents need to be viewed;

  5. View the FAQ page of each service

  6. Read AWS white papers, especially those white papers listed are mandatory

  7. Do the official mock questions again

  8. AWS certification is very valuable. Because its exam questions (especially expert-level exam questions) are comprehensive and practical. So whether it is to improve one's own ability or to get a promotion and raise the salary, it is a good choice to obtain the AWS certificate.

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