An Overview on Fortinet Network Security Certification

Updated: Jan 3

For organizations, a clear understanding of threats is more important than ever, and they are facing them in today’s evolving threat environment so that they can respond to the security controls and solutions they need. However, due to the resource-intensive nature of threat analysis and the interruption of network security skills, it is difficult for organizations to understand new threat tendencies. Increasingly, its suppliers rely on their networks to protect their knowledge from threats.

An Overview on Fortinet Network Security Certification | 	The certification path is an eight-level certification path intended to qualify partners on today’s major network risks, and explain to them how they can leverage Fortinet’s line of advanced security solutions to alleviate these threats for clients by becoming a certified partner.
An Overview on Fortinet Network Security Certification

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Having a distinct perception of prevailing threats is essential for both customers and vendors to reduce the impact cyberattacks have on systems, as well as to present vendors with a possibility to expand their business by leveraging this intelligence. Fortinet has published a new Network Security certification that enables security professionals to prove expertise on the company’s network security products.

The certification path is an eight-level certification path intended to qualify partners on today’s major network risks, and explain to them how they can leverage Fortinet’s line of advanced security solutions to alleviate these threats for clients by becoming a certified partner.

The Fortinet Network Security is a certification program designed to help improve the qualifications of technical professionals interested in the independent validation of their network security skills. This is essential for those who want more experience and to improve job prospects in the field of engineering. If you can master these Network Security Expert courses, you are going to be in a great position to impress industry professionals and secure better career prospects.

This stunning program includes a diverse range of self-driven and instructor-led courses. In addition, there are also practical and experiential exercises used to illustrate understanding of complex network security systems. It is so important to make sure you are qualified as much as possible, and courses like this are a great way of giving yourself more opportunities.

Fortinet Certification Overview

The certification is intended for partners attempting to expand, as well as confirm, their knowledge and expertise within the network security field. Each self-paced, instructor-led certification develops a partners’ understanding of prevailing network requirements, from foundational to advanced, presenting the information needed to accelerate the sales process.

Throughout the certification, partners can prove their understanding and skill through individually moderated exams, experiential exercises, and written evaluations to advance through six levels of learning.

Skills measured by certification

  • Validate your network security skills and experience.

  • Demonstrate value to current and future employers.

  • Leverage Fortinet’s full range of network security products, consolidate solutions and reduce risks.

  • As a partner, accelerate sales and offer new services.

Benefits of Earning Fortinet Certification

The skills to prove each level of expertise, from threat landscape experience to advanced design and configuration, gives tremendous opportunities to partners as they are fully equipped to not only understand the requirements of clients but also specifically how to carry out those requirements with advanced technologies.

Fortinet certification confirms unique knowledge of the Fortinet solutions practiced to oppose modern cyber threats. Having learned both the solutions and their applications, certified partners have the proficiency and skills to quickly recognize network security vulnerabilities and approach them successfully for their customers.

Fortinet certification has been proven to help partners improve their revenue streams related to businesses without certification. The combination of threat proficiency and proficient understanding of Fortinet solutions expects our partners can advantage of the broad variety of Fortinet and Fortinet Partner security solutions to approach complicated network security problems—developing the solutions they can offer to a broader range of clients.

Partners who achieve the certification experience industry acceptance and are assigned as Fortinet trusted advisors. Connecting the latest threat landscape information with solution expertise indicates you will be adequately prepared to serve new clients than the competition, and better able to approach your clients’ network security problems long-term.

Each of our partner levels (authorized, silver, gold, and platinum) needs a specific level of NSE compliance to satisfy and maintain status. Achieving these certifications will ensure that partners can access the awards, benefits, and improvements of the Fortinet Partner Program.


As the threat situation puts pressure on customers’ IT personnel and systems, understanding how to correctly classify potential cybersecurity vulnerabilities and combining them with the most reliable protection solutions is critical to business success.

Through the Fortinet network security certification, partners can develop their mainstream network security skills while mastering the Fortinet solutions that customers need. The entire certification program enables partners to accelerate business resolution through industry-leading accreditation, while also gaining a better understanding of the advanced threat environment and the security solutions needed to solve these problems. Obtaining a Fortinet certification is also great for personal development. Having a Fortinet certificate is also good for personal career development, so this is a very valuable certification.

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